Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blogging by SMS

[b]AT 21, LUDHIANA management student Harjinder Singh already has a mega project in hand, albeit in a micro medium. His 160-character blog posts, punched out on his Nokia handset, instantaneously reach 57,659 Sikhs across India - all at the cost of a single SMS. "I aim to arouse the pride of young Sikhs through my writings," says Singh, who started blogging on his phone last May "Many of my S e voted for Ludhiana's Ishmeet Singh in Star Plus's Voice of India - and con- tributed to his victory," he adds. Singh has hired two people to get him cell numbers of 200,000 Sikhs, be- cause he wants to reach "one in 10 Sikhs soon".[/b] In Delhi, Lalchung Siem, a 33-year-old Food Corporation of India employee, whips out his phone several times a day to blog in Hmar, a language spoken by a small group of people in India. His posts are sent free to 6,106 readers in the Northeast by SMSGup- Shup, a microblogging platform. "Recently, I got an SOS call after two boys fell in a river in Saidan village, Manipur I flashed the SMS on my blog, and within minutes, a hundred people reached the spot and managed to rescue one of the boys," he says. Microblogging, that is, blogging on cellphones by SMSes has become a sellout among compulsive cellphone users and enthusiastic communicators.

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Hmar said...

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